Beneficial Tips to Improve Your Website’s

Beneficial Tips to Improve Your Website’s Usability


For any website to perform and function in full swing, it is very important for website designers to focus on usability of the site. It should be an important part of the website which should be taken into consideration even before starting with the web development process. Usability starts with before the website development and keeps on going with the live website to ensure better performance.



Some important tips to improve website usability have been discussed further :


Make Sure Your Site is Quick to Load


No matter how high your website ranks on the usability front, but if it takes too long to load, it is of no use for your audiences as they hate slow loading sites and quickly shift to other better options. Hence the foremost important thing to be kept in mind while increasing the usability of your site is the speed to load.


Offers Satisfaction to Visitors


When a visitor reaches your website, he is actually looking for some kind information or product and if he fails to find it easily, the whole experience of the user on your site is disrupted. Therefore, it is very essential to ensure that the visitor is served with the right kind of information expecting which he has made a visit.


Structured Layout and Swift Navigation




The more organized the layout is, the more simplified the navigation is. To induce your site with more usability, keep it simple and easy to navigate so that your users are able to trace what they are looking for without any inconvenience. This is very important because while browsing the site on mobile phones, the whole web experience can be spoiled scrolling left-right and up-down if the navigation and layout of the site are not proper.


Offers Readability


If the content on your site is readable, then visitors will keep revisiting your website and if your website has any kind of readability issues, then your visitors will get irritated and frustrated. Hence it is very important for web designers take readability seriously and make the content on the site easily readable by incorporating the following important points :


  • Organize content into paragraphs
  • Use bullet points
  • Use headings and sub-headings
  • Focus on selecting a readable font style, font size by using interesting typography
  • Smartly use the white spaces.


All these factors together contribute at enhancing readability thereby ensuring happier experience for the users.


Focus on Colors and Textures




The first thing that creates an impression on the minds of the audiences is the color schemes used on the web pages. The effect of colors on the psychology of the user cannot be neglected because it plays a vital role in holding the interest of the visitor. Thus while choosing the colors and color combinations, you need to understand the expectations and likings of your target audiences with which they can create positive associations. It is also important to use the contrasts and textures in a creative manner to create a unique look and feel.


All these tips promise more usability for your website which can compel your users to keep visiting your web pages.


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