Common Web Design Mistakes Which Should be A

Common Web Design Mistakes Which Should be Avoided


Though website designing has come a long way in past two decades, the design mistakes still exist. Designing a website is no tough task but making the site functional to its optimal levels is a challenge. The problem often results from giving more importance to innovation than to the user’s needs. Web designers at Moon Micro Systems master the art of creating a perfect blend of designs with performance to ensure better performing websites.


Here are some mistakes which are commonly committed by the web designers :


  • Difficult to Read





Good interface is important in attracting the users to the website. But if the information on the website is not in an easily readable format, then the effectiveness of the interface fails. In order to look different, web designers use weird font styles and sizes which make it tiresome for users to read. Always use color schemes, font styles and sizes which improve readability.


  • Uncoordinated Interface Designs


Designers love to innovate and create something unique. Sometimes in order to imbibe more innovation, they end up creating distinct user interface for all pages of a website. It gets confusing and irritating for the users to absorb the interface and he is forced to leave the site as they fail to connect with the web pages because of an inconsistent look and feel.


  • Bad and Confusing Navigation




A perfectly designed website has a smooth navigation which encourages users to find what they are looking for in a simplified manner. Designers sometimes use visual metaphors or forget to remove dead links from the web pages which gives a bad impression of the site to the users. It causes confusion and chaos which leads to wastage of time and energy.


  • Chaotic Content Layout


Content is an important pillar of the website because it is responsible for the ranking with search engines and attracting traffic on the website. Hence it is very important for the content to be properly organized so that readers can pick up important information without any hassle. Designers forget to organize content into points, headings and keywords which leads to bad content layout. Likewise, updating the content is equally important to maintain its freshness and authenticity.


  • Overloaded and Cluttered Web Pages




Designers try to put maximum information possible on the web pages to exhibit their creativity. This causes chaos and mess and it becomes difficult to absorb the information given on the web page. Hence it is very important to limit the information on each page and use the whitespace intelligently to highlight important information.


These are some very common mistakes made by the web designers. They get so much involved in their creativity that they fail to create designs which are more pleasant and convenient for the users.


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