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All your precious time is wasted in managing the over-sized heap of documents? Here is the solution!!!
Businesses usually involve lots of paperwork. They have piles of papers consisting of various kinds of forms, invoices, and vouchers etc. that need to be properly placed so that they can be searched easily when needed. They need a system that can help them retrieve the right information at the right time; no matter where they are placed and without any time loss.


Documentation Management System is an answer to all the headaches and issues involved in storing, placing and retrieving the correct document as and when required. It not only saves time and efforts but also makes sure that these documents are stored safely to avoid damage and misplace. The documents are stored electronically so that they can be tracked, retrieved and managed properly.


There are various benefits attached with DMS :


  • Reduces the hassles of maintaining hard copies
  • Creates a searchable, enterprise repository of critical documents
  • Easily manages security and accesses rights to documents
  • Retrieves documents through powerful search functionality
  • Defines workflows for automated routing and processing of documents
  • Significantly reduces time and costs of document-based processes
  • Lowers ancillary costs of document management such as faxing, and mailing


At MMS, we create custom DMS solutions totally based on the needs of the client. We understand that information is of use only if it is available at the right time. We maintain documentation using shared network drives, SharePoint, etc. so that it is easy to manage, control and track. Our document management system organizes your documents for you. We customized the rights of keeping a control over who can see and edit your documents. We know that different people are associated with different documents and there is a certain workflow attached with it. We first understand this workflow and then create solutions based on this.

Smooth workflow can be of great benefit in earning a competitive edge over your competitors. We make sure you make optimal utilization of the information that you have and your time.

Our DMS solutions provide the following services:

  • Makes file management easy
  • Version control and workflow history audit
  • Collaboration tools and work-spaces
  • Authentication and access control
  • Full text indexing and search
  • Integration with CRM, Accounting, Inventory and Project Management systems

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