Tips to Create Better Landing Pages for Your

Tips to Create Better Landing Pages for Your Website


Landing pages are an important source of lead generation. To generate greater leaders, marketers need to have impressive and attractive landing pages. It is a known fact that visitors have the attention of a goldfish which the web designers should utilize by focusing it on a one particular offer minus all other distractions on the website using these amazingly focused pages.


Tips for Better Landing Pages


To set up and optimize the landing page sounds like an easy task but it is a real challenge for marketers to create that can generate good leads and greater conversions. Here are some very useful tips which can help you grow.


  • Create Landing Pages with All Important Elements :


Landin Page Designs

There are some important components of a perfect landing page which should be included without fail so that they can convert visitors and initiate the transaction process. Some of these elements are :


  • Headline


  • Description


  • Images


  • Form to get visitors’ information


Testimonials, if any


All these elements come together to create a wonderful experience by providing all the information that a visitor might need.


  • Coordinate Headline with Call to Action :


The message in the headline should be consistent with the call to action; otherwise the visitor will feel cheated. The visitor will get confused seeing a different set of information thinking he has landed on a wrong page which will make him leave the page without further explorations.


  • Do Not Use Main Navigation :


It is very important to reduce the distractions on the lead generating page and to achieve this goal it is a wise step to not include the main navigation on this page. This will reduce the chances of the visitor switching on other wed pages of the website and allow him to focus on the landing page.


  • Include Social Sharing :


Social Sharing

Social Media sharing buttons should be included on the landing page so that it can easily shared by the visitors with their friends and relatives via a social media platform. Also make sure that you incorporate an email forwarding option. The social network can be used smartly for getting more leads by encouraging sharing.


  • Keep it Short and Simple :


This is the mantra for designing a perfect landing page. Keeping it cluttered with lots of information can make it look messy and difficult to absorb for the visitors. Use white spaces to give it a lighter look and include images to make it more attractive and interactive. Make sure your content is short and sweet.


All these tips ensure better designed and better lead generating landing pages. Incorporating all these tips can get you visitors on your page and compel them to stay for long by converting them.


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