How to Increase Your Website’s Authority

How to Increase Your Website’s Authority


Website authority is one of the most important concepts when it comes to website ranking with the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). It measures the quality of the website. Professional web developers should design and develop your website keeping in focus the website authority. There are lots of factors which work in synchronization to ensure better website authority.


Some of these factors are:


  • How old is your website


  • What is your Pagerank


  • Quantity and quality of backlinks


  • Frequency of adding and updating content


  • Domain history



Each of these has an important role to play to ensure stronger web authority.


To increase the website authority, here are a few tips:





Tips to Increase Your Website’s Authority


It is essential to have high quality, relevant links to increase the authority of your website. Make sure you acquire diverse links from different quality sources to different parts of your website to ensure better authority. It is not important to have too many links on your site, but it truly essential to have relevant and quality links as they are important for developing web authority.




Social media has emerged as a powerful platform which every search engine takes into account. A great website is expected to have lots of interaction with audiences on different social media websites which can get the attention of the search engines. Each post, tweet, comment, etc. counts for getting noticed by these search engines which is must.




Benefits of Content


Quantity of content is important, but the quality of content is most important to get the website authority. Search engines look for unique, original, relevant and frequently updated content which is rich in information which is meant to serve the target audiences in the best manner possible. Make sure that you keep your content rich in information and update it from time to time. Keep adding new content to your site to keep it fresh and healthy with all related information.




Advantage of Guest Post


Another way of increasing your reach to wider masses is to highlight your brand amongst so that more and more people can visit your site. To do so you can start with guest posts on blogs related to your industry. Post informative and relevant information through your blogs which can get the attention and interest of the readers and they compelled to visit your site.




Infographics have the power to impart useful pieces of information in the easiest and most attractive manner. Keep your infographics updated with relevant information and avoid making them too over crowded. You can also share them not only on your website, but also on different social media where you have your profile. You can surely get more traffic to your site using the infographics.


Each of these steps aims to increase your website authority to the maximum levels possible. Hence it is very important to focus on each and every element of your website so that you can have an influential authority for your website.



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