How Can Facebook Help To Popularize My Compa

How Can Facebook Help To Popularize My Company Website?


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites. Almost half of the users sign in each day, which is quite an impressive figure. If you wish to popularize your company website via Facebook then you can surely benefit from the huge number of potential visitors.


Popularize Website by Facebook


But now the question arises how to popularize your company website using this social networking website?


Here are some steps that will answer this question and help you make your website a success:


1. Set up your profile


The process begins with setting up your profile on Facebook. Fill in all the information related to your company, your product offerings and other necessary details. Do not forget to add your contact details, cover page, profile picture and website link.


2. Create a fan page for your website


Create a fan page for your website


It is an interesting way of keeping in touch with your audiences. Having a page on Facebook is very beneficial for your site as it is indexed by Google whether you are logged in or not and you can customize it as per your need and requirement. You have the freedom of adding flash and HTML to make it more interesting and appealing. Invite all your friends to become your fan and share it with more and more people make it a hit.


3. Create a welcome tab


Create a welcome tab on Facebook


To greet new people visiting your site, welcome tab is the most interactive way of introducing your company using videos, texts and images. This is the most innovative method of getting new fans and popularizing your website amongst the audiences. Keeping it generic can be really boring and would not get you any attention.


4. Start Networking


To multiply your chances of promoting your website using Facebook, make sure you follow these steps:


  • Use Vanity URL feature to create web address which can help visitors find your profile.


  • Include URLs of social networking sites in your emails, letterheads and other stationery.


  • Connect with businesses and people of your industry.


  • Add more fans and friends by clicking on link for People and finding potential leads.


  • Click on link for Groups and start joining networking groups of your industry.


  • Create your own groups which are pertinent to your industry and add more and more people to it.


  • Use Discussion Board feature to post interesting topics related to your industry and have more discussions.


  • Stay active and connected. Keep posting the latest news related to your industry and company. Interact with your fans, answer their questions and resolve their queries.


All these steps will ensure effective social networking, which is essential for promoting your business and company website.


Following all these steps can surely help you promote your website by making it more visible on the social networking platform. Remember that they key to utilize the benefits of Facebook is to stay active and interact with as many people as you can from customers to clients, suppliers to competitors. If you are able to create a strong interactive base, then you can easily popularize your company website.



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