An Online Networking platform for Professionals Holic (

The client wanted to build an Online Networking platform for Indian Professionals that allows users to create a professional online presence, connect with former classmates, colleagues & professionals and capitalize on existing business opportunities.

The site offers a Professional Networking platform where users can share their views, manage their contacts while on the go, participate in events, join groups of experts or get back in touch with former colleagues and friends. It is a place for the professional contacts that covers some unique social networking features such as inclusion of CV as well as job history with the profile, avail of Expert Advice in Forums, Reviews for interviews and meetings in Groups etc.

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Given that it is easy to develop an Online product using the available technology, so just building the concept was not enough. Rather the next level of challenge was to develop a quality technical framework which would support high volume ofprivacy of member’s as well as administrative data, and also was robust and scalable.

From a design perspective, the site was supposed to be appealing enough to high end professionals.

Some of the unique challenges with the project were:

  • Match making among users, the goal was to connect each member of the site with other using “Six degrees of separation” concept
  • A complete control over users and their contacts To integrate advanced searching with the member’s dashboard to support features like:

In order to give a competitive edge to the product, we started with the analysis of market scenario and after going through the in-depth study of market, targeted users and business domain, we finalized the requirement specifications and Online marketing strategy of the project.

To implement business logic with the technology and for refined presentation, we chose a 3-tier architecture for development. This architecture increases the scalability and introduces a separation of business logic from the display and database layers. This further ensures flawless interlinking between the user interface and the web application.

To ensure process wise development, we used iterative waterfall model so that errors could be reduced at each and every level of development.

Next, we aimed to give full control of backend to admin through a user friendly interface. So we developed content management system keeping in mind all possible entries like best offers which require updated information very frequently, or pages like about-us, help or guided tour which require a one time entry & routine editing capability or press releases, a news sections which may require entries on daily basis. With admin panel we also provided user management and control system for controlling user activities over the website.

Some of the features which were developed in the project are:

  • Registration of Users only on Invitation basis,
  • Users are connected with each others by using ‘Six degrees of separation’ concept, steps away from any other person.
  • High end data encryption standards were implemented.
  • Profile with professional content wrapped in different tabs, at same page for the sake of usability and ease of use.
  • Professional contact organizer which allows users to prioritize their contacts and make communications accordingly.
  • Ability to send and receive messages (Private and Public both).
  • Ability to send messages to bulk contacts.
  • Advanced Search Option to find and locate other users based on different criterion.
  • Ability to make profile information public or private.
  • Business Multiplier module to provide the users possibility to market themselves with different available activities
  • Creating a home page with movable objects that would actually get adjusted within the space according to user’s needs.
  • UDynamic design supports options to appear on a mouse hover only.
  • A proper section for great offers, offering best discount deals in market, and a CMS for the same.

Our developers & designers provided an interface which is user friendly, scalable and reliable for clients and has great data security.

Technology Used:

We used the LAMP architecture to develop the site. Some of the D&D technologies used in this were:

  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • Photoshop
  • Javascript

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