LAMP: Best Framework for Web Based Applicati

LAMP: Best Framework for Web Based Applications


LAMP is a web application which is built on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP which together abbreviate to LAMP. It is used to describe web architecture in the open source world. Presently, it is the most preferred framework that is used in developing rich web based solutions. It is a server software bundle. Thus it is a common combination of software that can be used across many servers. The term LAMP was coined in 1998 in a German software magazine by Michael Kunze and since then it has been in use. is an answer to all the queries related to LAMP. Their team of professionally qualified experts has a rich experience in dealing with this web application. They can do various jobs on this framework that involve website designing and hosting, defining a web server infrastructure or developing software or establishing a software distribution package.


LAMP is an amalgamation of the best of all the four worlds. Using the best of the qualities of all these four distinct pillars, it can transform a static site into a dynamic and feature rich website.  All these four important pillars are equally important.

  • Linux :

It runs on almost all the hardware. It is an open source operating system. It gives the best performance with limited hardware resources available. The professionals at moon micro system can provide the best server management and administration solutions to their clients.

  • Apache :

A dynamic open source web server which is used widely due to its high compatibility with different operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS X etc.

  • MySQL :

A multithreaded, multi-user, SQL database management system  which is one of the most popular open source relational database management systems. It is known for its reliability.

  • PHP :

PHP is an open source server side scripting language which is known for its high performance and quick developmental capabilities. Pearl and Python can also be used.

The team at moon micro system are well experienced and trained in working on LAMP web application.

Being open source makes LAMP easily available and ready to use. It is safe and easy to install and we can customize it as per our requirements. It is supported by a large community of programmers and is also supported by all the hosting companies.  It is user-friendly and cost effective. It is scalable and flexible. Dues to all these reasons, LAMP have emerged as the favorite solution for web applications. It also helps by providing solutions for CRM, eCommerce, Social Networking Portals, CMS etc.


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