SEO Checklist for Web Developers

SEO Checklist for Web Developers


Developers are always on the lookout for achieving higher ranks for their sites. All their efforts concentrate on developing websites that are search engine optimized because it is a stepping stone to increase traffic and help in the growth of the business.
A small check list is listed below to make sure that developers don’t miss the most important and must to incorporate points that are essential for higher ratings of the site.
• Used Semantics and Valid Markups
Keep the content meaningful and authentic. It should represent a concept. Semantics give meaning to the web documents.
• Maintain your CSS and JavaScript files Externally
Always load your CSS and JavaScript files dynamically. They help in increasing the rating of the site because various search engines consider page loading speed as an important factor.
• Use HTML
Use HTML for creating web pages. It helps in directing search engine towards the content of webpage. This is vital as it helps the user to locate comprehensive content that will fit a specific keyword, rather than finding only the titles which include the keyword but do not provide relevant information.
• Avoid Frames
Frames are no longer in use as they pose problem as they interfere with the workings of search engines. Avoid using them.
• Use JavaScript Only for Progressive Enhancement
Make sure you use JavaScript for adding new layers of enhanced functionality.
• Be Careful When Using Flash
Flash reduces speed. Be very cautious and calculative while using them so that they don’t hamper the speed.
• Make an HTML Sitemap
It makes the process of navigation simple and sorted. Visitors can easily locate what they want.
• Add a robots.txt File to Your Root Directory
They help in controlling directories and files on the web server. So make sure you have added robot.txt file.
• Check for Broken Links and Images
Make regular checks for any kind of broken links and images present on your site. In case there are some broken links then replacing them.
• Create an Informative Error Page
Make your error page interesting and not boring. Draft a pleasing message for the page and link it to the home page.
• Use Search Engine Friendly URL Names
Url names should be catchy and easy for search engines to spot and find.
• Make your pages load faster
Speed has an important role to play. Ensure that your web pages load fast and quick. Remember visitors hate to wait.
• Keep a Flat Structure Directory
Make sure your web pages can be navigated easily. A smooth flow across all categories is must which can be made possible by using a flat structured directory.
• Design an Effective Footer
Footers are mostly ignored and not given any attention. Utilize this space to create something unexpected and impressive.
• Use Breadcrumb Navigation
It is helpful in keeping a track of locations within programs or documents. It helps user to reach the entry level following the trail.
These are few points for web developers that need to be checked for SEO.


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